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"God made all men, I made all men equal."
Samual Colt


Redneck Beer Review 11-11

Yazoo Pale Ale
Yea, it's named for Yazoo, Mississippi but the brewery is in Nashville, TN. Go figure.

If you're stuck on Bud or Busch Light, you most likely won't like it. It has a good whang to it. Good beer for a change, just takes some getting used to.


occupy wall street???

I thought those guys were a bunch of snot nosed whinners and the most they new about jobs was "Steve Jobs", now I see that some folks agree with me. Check out Bill Whittle:



What happens at the beach......

What happens at the beach stays at the beach or at least it's easier to bury.

the good news....

First beer on the beach in Gulf Shores...............


the bad news.....

The last beer on the beach in Destin, at least until next year.